Life time ago, I was rich and young, I had everything I ever needed and wanted. I had a good job, my own company, I was Man of the Year so many times I can’t even count… Hell, I had my own tropical island….beautiful island, tropical paradise, with little lake on top of a volcano that has long been extinguished, beaches were magnificent… white sand and palms trees  . I had servants, bodyguards even butler which tended my every need.

I was arrogant, selfish, and stupid… I didn’t have to worry or know about anything, there was a man or a woman on a payroll for my every need. Those were  good years, and in time  I came to regret…every…one…of…them.

Flood came, influenced by global warming, polar caps melted…scientists warned us about it for years, no one cared… People with lot of money, people who could have make a difference, didn’t care… We thought that we have right to live better than others, given by God, not to spend our money on common good, but only for our own pleasure.

Flood came…cities were lost, covered by salty sea water up to 10th floor, panic came, crime came…. HUNGER came… all my money wasn’t enough to shield me from that.

But I had an island and a yacht , I had crew, navigators and a captain to take me there, so i didn’t have to worry about filthy regular people troubles. There I was, again on top of the world, sitting in lake house inside my volcano, surrounded by volcano rim on all for sides. No person knew about my island, no one care about it.. or so I thought.

Years passed, people working for me become aware of our situation, I had no more wealth, not in that world… But I still had an island…shielded from mother nature and angry sea, and there still was food in my storage and some fruit trees along the lake beach. So, working for me was still better than leaving me. Some of men shown trading skills, and i let them use a boat that was part of a yacht, for trading with nearest city, or what ever left of it. Some people from my crew domesticated island animals which was at the lake when flood came, some of them tried to grow vegetables traded in city for clothes. Well, life still was good, not glamorous, but good. And I got back to be me again. I was proud of what I have achieved, i gave people a shelter, gave them food and fresh water… I was arrogant again, send to this Earth by God himself… So, I laid back and enjoy fruits of my labor.

Few moths later, I was so bored, nothing to do… so I decided its time for me to take a yacht for a spin…Called a captain, and ordered him to gather crew from fields and said that they should stop doing whatever stupid things they are doing, and that if they continue to waste my time I will punish them.

I was eager to get on my yacht, which was beautiful, all white and large, inside all comfort one could ask for, hard wood and leather, but most important thing she was MINE.

Captain set a course for a cruise, but I told him i want to see city… city in which I was rich, famous and respected.